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Are Greta Thunberg and her movement spontaneous?
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The Friday for the Future movement started spontaneously

While climate change rallies are not necessarily new, the Friday for the Future movement has taken hold in a way none have before. Greta Thunberg has rallied the youth in an unprecedented manner, which is why this movement is getting global attention.
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The Argument

Greta Thunberg did not start the climate revolution, but she certainly has highlighted it and become the face of the movement in a way that has not existed before her involvement. Much like the Women's March, Thunburg's Friday for the Future rallies have created a focal point for climate activists worldwide, signaling where interested parties should go to voice their support.[1] Most relevant to the spontaneity of her movement is the fact that it is centered around the youth who will be left with the consequences of climate inaction. While many fail to take her seriously or dismiss the rallying actions of those who they consider inconsequential in the political world, Thunberg captured the energy of movements like March for our Lives. She has directed that energy on a global scale towards fighting for the environment and longevity of the planet.[2] This is not to say her movement is the first or only one of its kind, but it is certainly the most prevalent, and whatever causes a movement to trend is rarely predictable.[3] Friday for the Future is Thunberg's lightning-in-a-bottle moment. Attempts to dismiss it reinforce her point that she and other young people are overlooked due to their age and presupposed inexperience.

Counter arguments

If movements existed before hers, Thunberg's Friday for the Future rallies must pay their dues to those which came before. Nothing as fundamentally long-existing as climate change can be considered spontaneous, nor can any attempts to combat it.



Rejecting the premises


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