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To be denied the opportunity to marry is to be locked out of one of life’s main identity-defining rituals. Marriage is both an expressive and legal act but for many same-sex couples around the world, it is not an option. Should our legal definition of marriage be expanded to include same-sex couples?

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Acknowledging any form of civil union between homosexual partners would condone an unacceptable practice.
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Gay marriage would undermine the fidelity of marriage

Gay people are more prone to extra-marital affairs. Allowing them legal marriage rights would undermine the fidelity of marriage.
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Gay people are more likely to explore extramarital affairs than heterosexual couples. Therefore, allowing them to marry would undermine the fidelity of marriage.

The Argument

In a recent survey, more than 79% of heterosexual men and women and lesbians in civil unions said they strongly valued sexual fidelity. Just 50% of gay men said the same. This illustrates the disregard for sexual fidelity among the gay community. [1] Sexual fidelity is a widely accepted and celebrated norm of marriage. To allow homosexual couples to marry or enter a legally recognised union would be at best a disregard to marital fidelity, and at worst an endorsement of infidelity.

Counter arguments

We allow serial cheaters to get a marriage license and marry a new partner. The government’s role is not to uphold the fidelity of marriage. Additionally, this argument does not rule out allowing gay people to enter civil partnerships.


[P1] Fidelity is an essential component of marriage. [P2] Gay people are more likely to have extra-marital affairs than heterosexual couples. [P3] To allow gay people to enter the institution of marriage would undermine the fidelity of marriage. [P4] Therefore, gay people should not be allowed to marry.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] The government's role is not to protect the fidelity of marriage. [Rejecting P4] Gay people can still enter civil unions or partnerships.




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