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Whether binary or a spectrum, innate or a construct, or soon to be irrelevant, gender is one of the most divisive questions on the world's lips. Are there more than two genders? What are the sides to the gender debate?

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While it can be socially influenced, gender has been shown to be biologically compelled. Even when raised the opposite sex, an individual will still find the urge to behave in line with their born gender. Transition surgeries and therapies are meant to bridge gender incongruity, but result in higher suicidality.
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God's design

The story of the bible explains God's design when mankind was born as there being only man and woman. The stories that follow explain too that those confused about their identity have a challenge to overcome in life, as all do. But it can be overcome.
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The Argument

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." (Genesis 1:27 KJV) The biology of our creation is true to God's design, even while the mind can be confused. Man and woman were created in His image as parts, only in becoming one flesh through marriage can that image be made whole. The Lord makes a case for those dysphoric in the world and scripture offers a path for them to thrive. Like all of us born of this mortal world, it is a long road with many dark valleys, and their confusion is their burden to bear. But the Lord's word and the community and ministry of fellow Christians can lessen that burden. Affirming one's identity as that which they were made is the path to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Counter arguments


[P1] We should not alter God's design.

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