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Persephone, wife to Hades, daughter of Demeter and Zeus. The myth of Persephone says that she was kidnapped by Hades and that she is allowed to visit her mother Demeter for six months out of the year...or does it? Was Persephone kidnapped, or did she go willingly?

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Persephone was forced into the Underworld.
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Hades forced marriage upon Persephone

Hades caught Persephone off guard and dragged her down into the Underworld with him only to starve her until she was forced to eat the food he gave her. She did not choose to go or stay with him.
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The Argument

Persephone did not choose to accompany Hades to the Underworld. She was kidnapped and taken down beneath the Earth against her will. Then, she was forcibly married to her own kidnapper. One source claims that, "The appearance, abduction, and disappearance happened so swiftly that none of Persephone's companions witnessed the kidnapping. And though she called out to them—and plaintively called for her mother—no one heard her pleas"[1]. She tried to call out for help but she was not heard. It was not her will, and what is the definition of kidnapped? "To steal, carry off, or abduct by force"[2] Hades is entire responsible for this situation, and Persephone held no say in the matter. She was kidnapped.

Counter arguments

Perhaps there are several versions of the myth. Perhaps in some, Persephone went willingly. All stories are a little different, and who's to say whether Persephone went willingly or not.


[P1] Persephone did not want to go with Hades. [P2] Hades forcibly took her. [P3] Persephone was kidnapped.

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