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Has the Trump administration responded well to COVID-19? Show more Show less
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Government responses to emergency situations like the coronavirus outbreak can have a critical impact on the health and wellbeing of the public, and on the economy and society at large. So how have President Trump and his team responded? Will the American people benefit from or be hurt by the actions of the Trump Administration?

The flawed US health and social system is to blame for bad preparation for COVID-19 Show more Show less

Most of the world has been faring relatively better than the US during the COVID-19 outbreak, which has exposed flaws in the health and social system in the US. Such as the fact that some Americans refuse to get medical treatment out of fear for the high costs and that the government has been prioritizing closing borders rather than other precautions that have historically been much more helpful during pandemics.
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The US Health system is flawed and not value for money

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Health outcomes compared to money spent: The U.S. devotes more of its national income to healthcare relative to other OECD countries (e.g. in the UK people contribute £4,000 pa on their healthcare compared with £10,000 in the USA) [1] with hundreds of thousands Americans per year declaring bankruptcy due to health care bills. [1] Three times the world average of this is on administrative costs. Despite the amount spent, the USA is amongst the very worst of wealthy nations on a succession of health measures including average life expectancy,[2] where the US sits with South America, well below the UK, Western Europe, NZ, Australia and Canada.[3] The contrast with the amount spent on health makes the US even more of an outlier.[4]

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