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A world superpower is usually defined as a country that is capable of projecting its power and influence on a global scale. India's broad range of quality of life among its citizens and booming economy have put the country in a unique position in the world. It competes with leading superpowers in creating new technology and defense, yet most rural areas are still underdeveloped. Impoverished citizens often live in poor sanitation and without healthcare or clean water. Should India be considered a global superpower based on its greatest accomplishments, or are its domestic issues too severe?

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India is unable to provide an adequate quality of life for all its citizens due to social issues and lack of cleanliness.
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Poor healthcare prevents India from being a global superpower

India's healthcare system has performed high-quality surgeries and made advancements to anatomical science, but a majority of its population does not have easy access to appropriate medical care.
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The Argument

India's healthcare system is broad, ranging from top doctors and scientists performing successful surgeries to the lack of advanced and affordable medical care in the impoverished, rural parts of the country. Urban areas in southern India have the best and biggest population doctors in the country. In remote areas, such as the northern Himalayan region, most citizens do not have close access to medical care.[1] Sexual education is widely untaught across India, especially to females. Many young women become pregnant unknowingly because they have no knowledge of reproductive health, which contributes to the country's problem of overpopulation. A majority of people in rural India have no available healthcare close to their home or place of employment. Medical facilities in poor areas are usually underfunded and lack basic resources such as doctors, clean water, beds, and electricity. Even though India has made advancements to medical science, most of the country still lack access to high-quality care.[2]

Counter arguments

Since India is known globally for its advanced healthcare system, it should be considered a global superpower. Their scientists and doctors research common chronic illnesses that citizens in the country have. The more advancements India makes in medicine, the more it will be able to provide a higher quality of life for people.


[P1] India's healthcare system has a broad range of quality of care. [P2] Sexual education is rarely taught in India. [P3] People in rural areas of India have limited access to healthcare. [P4] Therefore, India cannot be considered a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P4] India is known globally for its top healthcare.


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