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To many, studying history is an important pursuit, as understanding the past could hold important lessons for the future. But to others, this is pointless memorization of irrelevant names and dates. The debate persists: are those who don't learn from history doomed to repeat it?

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Studying history is a waste of time.
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History is just rote memorization of dates and facts

Students do not retain history lessons because they are bored with memorizing dates and facts which will never be useful in their daily lives.
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The Argument

The way that history class is taught in K-12 schools is tedious and boring for most students. Instead of teaching historical context and how it is relevant to today's world, students are forced to memorize historical dates and events with little to no meaning on their own.[1]

Counter arguments

History classes which are "tedious and boring" are taught in an uninspired way. Effective teachers will teach history within the context of how it relates to the present, and will highlight real-world applications for the use of historical knowledge.



[P1] Students hate history class because it is boring. [P2] History class is just rote memorization of dates and facts.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] There are plenty of students who do enjoy history class. [Rejecting P2] It depends on the teacher and how they teach the history class.[2]


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