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What is the best way to stay fit during COVID-19? Show more Show less
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Being mandated to stay inside for extended periods mean that opportunities to keep fit during the COVID-19 epidemic are limited. As we suffer from greatly reduced access to activity and move to a largely sedentary lifestyle, how can we make sure we stay fit?

Indoor fitness Show more Show less

As gyms close, your house can become your gym - with the added bonus of no sweat-drenched equipment or athlete's foot from the showers.
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At home fitness classes

Numerous services host fitness classes virtually, meaning you can get the encouragement of an instructor while social distancing.
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Gyms attracted plenty of people on a regular basis during pre-COVID circumstances. Even then, the warm, humid environment in most gyms mixed with the general disregard for a proper machine cleaning regimen basically transformed gyms into large incubators for germs to spread. Now, during quarantine (self-induced or not), the best way to stay fit is through online classes provided by either a local gym or a corporate gym service. Classes provided by either a local gym or a corporate fitness service such as Peloton will provide fitness seekers with top-notch, caring instructors that will give you a full work out while keeping you as close to the real thing as possible. Participating in online fitness classes allows a person to continue with their workout schedule while continuing to abide by social distancing rules.

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