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The hotdog is a beloved meal that exists in many forms around the world, from Chicago dog, to the ballpark frank, the chilli dog, and on and on. A frankfurter placed within a bun with any variety of condiments in all sorts of combinations. But the question remains, is the hotdog a sandwich?

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Bread with something in the middle? It's a sandwich.
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A hot dog is an item between two pieces of bread

Meat and a bun/bread and a filling fit the two requirements for a sandwich.

The Argument

The basic definition of a sandwich in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is "two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between"[1]. That fits the description of a hot dog PERFECTLY: it's a split roll with a piece of meat in the middle. Having the definition in the most commonly used dictionary in the world certainly makes an irrefutable argument in favor of the hot dog's standing as a sandwich. A sandwich is a hot dog, and in the same such way a hot dog is a sandwich.

Counter arguments

The dictionary does not specify EXACTLY if a hot dog can be classified as a sandwich. The definition of a hot dog in the same dictionary also does not match the definition for a sandwich. It's like rectangles and squares - a rectangle is a square but a square is not considered a rectangle.



Rejecting the premises


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