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Governments are the backbone of a country. They are responsible for their citizens’ benefits and a healthy economy. Not all governments in the world are the same. There are democracies, republics, authoritarian societies, and many more types of governmental systems. With so many different types of government, which one has the most benefits?

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Democracies are best known for personal freedom among citizens. Voting and citizen participation in politics are a couple of key aspects of a democracy.
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Human Rights

Human rights are one of the most debated topics in the world. There are governments that contravene citizens' human rights in the past. But in democracies, civilians are treated differently.
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The Argument

A main characteristic of a democracy is equal human rights. The law is geared to allow people to have fair trials and all-around equality to owning property and their way of life.[1] Countries that don’t have basic human rights in their country have a 30%-40% greater chance of breaking out into civil war.[2] Since democracies value all human rights, it is the best form of government a civilian could have.

Counter arguments

Democracy does not guarantee human rights. Between the late 6th century and 5th century BC, Athens came up with a democratic government that claimed to emphasize human rights.[3] However, minorities couldn’t vote. The same thing happened in America’s past with African Americans. Even after African American slaves were released, they were treated horribly within society and were not able to vote.


[P1] Democracy values human rights. [P2] The rule of law makes sure that everyone has equal rights under the law. [P3] Countries that don’t value human rights have a higher chance of breaking out into civil war.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Not all democracies value human rights. Only human rights apply to citizens. In history, slaves, foreigners, and minorities weren’t treated equally.



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