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Should Hunter Biden’s actions compromise Joe Biden’s presidential campaign? Show more Show less
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Recently, the FBI subpoenaed Hunter Biden's laptop due to suspicion of money laundering activity on his part. How severe is this scandal? Should Hunter Biden's proximity to presidential candidate Joe Biden be enough to sacrifice him the election?

Yes, Hunter Biden's actions reflect directly on the Joe Biden presidential campaign Show more Show less

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Hunter Biden serves as a conflict of interest with foreign dealings

Joe Biden might make decisions in Hunter's interests to profit as a family as opposed to what's best for America.
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"The “conflicts of interest” report concludes that U.S. officials found Hunter Biden’s role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, to be “very awkward” for those in the Obama administration who were at the time pushing an anti-corruption agenda in Ukraine and that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from sitting on the board of the company."[1]

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