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How can we become a better world after the coronavirus pandemic? Show more Show less
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Covid has inevitably created a recessionary crisis and Governments will be under intense pressure to restore growth. But if its growth at all costs And/or simply reverting to the way it was it will be a lost opportunity to seek a more equitable model. A model that is also attuned to the larger existential issue of climate change. Any new post Covid martial plan should focus on a progressive model the redressés much of what is faulty and unsustainable. If not, this pandemic will be a forewarning of even more turbulent times to come.

Implement a Green New Deal Show more Show less

We need to tackle the biggest challenge facing humanity! The rethink allows us to address the climate crisis in a way that wouldn't have been possible before Covid-19.
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A Green New Deal is needed to restart the American economy

A Green New Deal would be the exact jumpstart the American economy needs, and would guarantee its success for years to come.

The Argument

In a post COVID-19 existence, to fully restart the American economy, a Green New Deal is needed. The coronavirus and the ensuing shutdown brought about one of the worst economic depressions in American history, worse than 2008 and comparable only to the Great Depression. Months later, hundreds of thousands still file for unemployment every week and businesses operate at a fraction of what they used to. A Green New Deal would be the exact jumpstart the American economy needs, and would guarantee its success for years to come. The Green New Deal’s American version is well-known for emulating that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Work Progress Administration by tying climate justice to job creation.[1] By facilitating and accelerating Green New Deal policies, the idle and displaced workforce of America could find new purpose as well as make a positive impact on the planet.

Counter arguments

The Green New Deal is not essential to restarting the American economy. For one, across the board the economy is damaged, not just in energy or environmental sectors. The Green New Deal does not guarantee job creation in tourism, the food industry, the fashion industry, and more, all industries that employ hundreds of thousands of people. The Green New Deal will inarguably empower environmental justice in the United States, but to say it is essential for an economic restart is an over exaggeration.



Rejecting the premises


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