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Birth control has many positive impacts, including pregnancy prevention, protection from STDs, and allowing regulation of the menstrual cycle. However, these products can cost large amounts of money, the onus of payment for which is generally on women. Should these products be free, or should they cost money?

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Access to birth control is not as simple as making it free.
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Incentive to create safe methods of birth control decreases

Making birth control free decreases motivation to research new high-quality and safe methods.

The Argument

Unfortunately, a lack of financial motivation for businesses to develop a product is a recipe for a reduction in the quality of birth control methods. One source summarizes it perfectly: "The minute pills are 'free,' under insurance, the incentive for drug companies to come up with cheaper versions vanishes. So does their incentive to develop safer, more convenient, male-centered or nonprescription birth control."[1] Competition will also decrease, creating an almost monopoly system with a few companies producing all of these free methods. Production will continue, yes. But will it be safe? Effective? Will the variety decrease? Who is at fault if no one wants to work in this industry for lack of financial motivation?

Counter arguments

We cannot assume that every single company operates based upon financial obligation. The idea of ethics needs to come into play as well. Free birth control will be beneficial, whether it is provided by one company or eight.



[P1] Lack of financial motivation decreases research for new high-quality products. [P2] Lack of financial motivation creates a monopoly system. [P3] This is not beneficial for women or the economy.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] This will still benefit women.




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