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Conscription, also known as compulsory military service, is the practice of requiring military service of all qualifying individuals within a nation. Chiefly known for having been employed during the First and Second World Wars, the duration of modern-day conscription can range anywhere from two weeks to two years. But does conscription foster hyper-nationalism and unhealthy aggression? Is the government sending the message that war is inevitable? Or is conscription simply a means of building character and strength?

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Military conscription is unnecessary in the modern world and sees more detriments than benefits.
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It interferes with important aspects of a person's life

Education, work, and personal ambitions are often compromised by mandatory military service
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The Argument

As polls have determined, only 15% of individuals have indicated a willingness in joining the military if a draft was implemented, thus leaving a large majority who simply do not want to be involved. In adopting a mandatory national service, an individual's life would be completely disrupted for an event they have no desire to participate in. This could entail life events similar to attaining a college degree, starting a family, taking care of a business, or even one as simple as wanting to travel the world. Regardless, these yearnings would be cast aside in favor of exercising a mandatory national military service— even though reports claim that volunteer-based system tends to do quite in obtaining soldiers.[1]

Counter arguments

Simply put, military service is overlooked and underappreciated by citizens. These individuals do not realize how significant of a role a nation's military plays in their own lives. If they were to truly understand such a sentiment, national security would in turn be everyone's first priority— But this is not the case. The military is not infringing on our own lives, instead, it has and always will be a part of our lives in regards to safety and security. Without it how would we even continue individual milestones in our lives? Moreover, a failure to acknowledge and agree to this idea is inherently selfish. In other words, although military service does benefit the individual in a variety of ways, participating is a truly selfless sacrifice. You are protecting your country, and those who are too weak to defend themselves. Sure, military conscription may postpone important dates, but that is no justification for the refusal to serve and as a result, allow countless innocent lives to be lost. [2]


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