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Invasive plant and animal species live in virtually all areas of the globe. The reason for their unnatural presence is because humans have accidentally or deliberately introduced them to new ecosystems. Because they have been introduced to new habitats they are not initially meant to be in, invasive species have negatively impacted their new homes. How extensive is their damage and are all invasive species harmful?

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Although invasive species have negative reputations, some invasive species are harmless and help their new habitats. The new plants and animals are an extra source of nutrients to the native habitat and its inhabitants. Helpful invasive species should stay in the habitats they currently reside in.
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Invasive species are a new food source

Invasive species can provide a new food source to the surrounding native animals and plants. For example, new types of pests could be eaten by predators if a native species starts to run out.
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The Argument

Invasive species can be a new source of food for their surrounding ecosystem. The dandelion can be fit for human consumption if prepared correctly.[1] Even invasive pests can become food for predatory animals. The brown rat, which has invaded European countries and North America, is hunted by birds and snakes.[2] An ecosystem will never die with an availability of different nutrition sources.

Counter arguments

Invasive species could eat other animals or plants that need to exist within the ecosystem. The cane toad eats small native rodent species while killing native predators.[3] With the cane toad as the top of the food chain, the ecosystem’s health will decline. Invasive species could potentially do more harm than good.



[P1] Invasive species are an additional source of food. [P2] Because of the new invasive species, organisms will not die out from starvation.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Invasive species could hurt the ecosystem.


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