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The Syrian crisis is part of a wider conflict the origins of which can be traced back to the Arab Spring of 2011. The dissatisfaction of some of the countries in the Arab world with their corresponding governments had led to many anti-government protests demanding a better standard of living in countries such as Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Some of these countries were successful in creating significant regime change. However, and 9 years later with over 6.5 million nationals displaced and over half a million deaths; what solutions are there to a crisis happening in a country which has become a political playground for many belligerents?

The internationalisation of the conflict must end Show more Show less

One of the main issues that has allowed for the Syrian crisis to intensify is the involvement of several countries. They must all take a step back and withdraw from Syria.
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Iran should reconsider its unwavering support for Assad

The Syrian Assad government is a big part of the Iranian backed 'Axis of Resistance' which is why their unwavering support for Assad comes as no surprise, however, Iran must begin to take into account the severity of the existing humanitarian crisis in Syria.
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The Argument

The 'Axis of Resistance' is a political alliance consisting of Iran firstly, the Syrian Assad government and the Lebanese group Hezbollah. This inevitably meant that for the past nine years Iran has spent billions of dollars to push for keeping the Assad Alawite government ruling in Syria. His remain in government helps advance the Iranian Shia resistance movement in the region. With Bashar continuing to serve as president, transits of weapons to the Lebanese Shia resistance, Hezbollah, will continue to operate. This is down to the simple fact that Syrian government is the only Arab government which is allies with Iran. To protect Assad, Iran has influenced Hezbollah fighter as well as militiamen from both Iraq and Iran to protect Shia holy sites along with assisting pro-Assad forces in the fight.

Counter arguments


[P1] Syria's Assad government is part of the Axis of Resistance. [P2] Syria is the only Arab ally of Iran, as it helps transit weapons to Hezbollah.

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