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Anime (Japanese animation) is a cultural phenomenon that has swept the globe since the 90’s. More and more non-Japanese speakers are becoming interested in the world of Japanese animation. Instead of learning Japanese from scratch, viewers deliberate between the controversial choices of watching dubbed (with English voiceovers replacing Japanese audio) or subbed (retaining the Japanese audio and adding subtitles) versions of anime.

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Watching subtitled anime is the subtlest way to experience anime without changing too much.
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Japanese voice actors are best suited for anime

Voice actors have been selected by directors who believe them to be the most appropriate in representing each character.
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The Argument

The characters of an anime are intended to speak in Japanese. The Japanese voice actors are screened and hired to perform them. Dubbed anime is not able to give this much thought into picking voice actors. Due to the limited number of dubbing studios, there is also a limited number of voice actors, and as a result the same actor voices several characters across different shows.

Counter arguments

Dubbed anime is a growing market, with large companies such as Funimation heading projects to dub more anime for international viewers. The trend of dubbed anime could grow bigger in the future, so it should not be shunned just because it is limited for now.


[P1] Japanese voice actors are able to provide the best performance that complements the original character of an anime. [P2] English dubbing studios are not as prominent as the Japanese voice acting industry.

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