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In a landmark 2018 court ruling, Jews became a protected "race" under American law. This judgement was divisive. The case, in which a Catholic convert had been denied a job beause of his Jewish bloodline, should have been a victory for victims of anti-Semitism. Instead, many Jews saw its result as short-sighted. They argue that formalising racial distinctions legitimises racism. And that this approach is in the same genre of identity politics as the Holocaust. Others claim that categorising Jews as a minority ethnic group helps protect them against discrimination. Are Jews white?

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When "white" is used to categorise people within our society, it includes social, political, and historical dimensions that Jews are disconnected from.
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Jews are legally distinct from white people

In America, Jews are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, brought in to put an end to white violence against minorities. This categorises them alongside blacks, hispanics and Native Americans, rather than "white people" of European origin.
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