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The Democrats are preparing to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 US Presidential election. While united by party, the contenders are divided on how they plan to take the US forward. So, who are the possible top candidates? What are their policies and what do they represent? And could they beat Donald Trump in an election?

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What does Joe Biden stand for? Biden has years of experience that will enable him to be a great President.
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Joe Biden offers the most experience

Biden has the most experience in elected office of any major candidate this century.
2020 US Election Joe Biden
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A stark feature of the Trump Presidency is his dramatic lack of political experience. Some argue that his Presidency therefore acts as an incentive to prioritise electing an experienced politician to the office.

The Argument

Biden, if he won, would arguably have the most political experience of any new President ever.[1] He has been in major elected office for 44 years. After the calamitous Trump Presidency, America needs a President that knows what they are doing, to rebuild America's reputation on the world stage. Biden, if elected President, would be able to accomplish this.

Counter arguments

Experience does not necessarily lead to electability. A study conducted by Simon and Uscinski suggests that previous experience either in the Legislature or the Executive does not predict performance as President.[2] Many voters are tired of 'establishment' candidates and prefer candidates who have more experience outside of politics, as evidenced by the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Therefore, while Biden does have years of political experience, this does not necessarily mean this will make him a better potential President in the eyes of voters.


[P1] Biden is highly experienced in elected office. [P2] He would utilise this experience as President for America's benefit.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] There is no evidence experience in elected office would necessarily help America.




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