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It has been a tumultuous 4 years of the Donald Trump presidency in the United States, with investigations, nominations, fake news, tweets, impeachment, pandemics, protests, and a nation divided about the facts on the ground and the direction the country should be taking. Many see the 2020 US Presidential Election as the most important election in history, with huge implications for the US, but also for the world. So who should win the US Presidential election?

Joe Biden should be elected in the 2020 US election Show more Show less

Joe Biden will be a conciliatory president for a nation divided by race, class and identity. He is the candidate to give America back its standing in the world, and to put the threat of climate change back at the very top of the global agenda.
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Joe Biden will end America's gun violence epidemic

Biden has a successful track record of fighting against the NRA, and action for greater gun control. With rising levels of gun violence, introducing more stringent controls on their sale and procurement is essential.
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