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All this time alone can be frustrating. But let's not forget that Shakespeare allegedly wrote his masterpiece 'King Lear' while in quarantine from the Bubonic Plague. As the titular character in that great play states “Nothing can come of nothing.” Don't despair - use this time to learn valuable skills, so when you do emerge from this pandemic period, you do so stronger, wiser and ready to take on the new world.

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Thanks to the internet, even when alone, the world is at your fingertips.
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Learn to code

These days, every industry needs coders. You might not know what the job market will look like when normal life resumes, but you can ensure you're a valuable asset once it does.
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The Argument

Learning to code is a smart and practical way to spent time while stuck inside and online during the lockdown. This is based on the idea that the virtual world will be a bigger part of life after the pandemic and knowing code will be a desirable skill. Coding provides the building blocks of the virtual world.[1] Without code there would be no internet, no computer games, no apps, no online shopping, no instant communication and so on. If it's virtual it requires coding. Code is the foundation of virtual space and therefore a vital part of our lives.[2] Even before lockdown, coding was becoming an increasingly important skill to learn. In 2016, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that software developer jobs will increase by 24% by 2026. [3] This will be amplified in a post coronavirus world where we will depend even more on virtual technologies, knowledge of code will prove to be an invaluable skill. Job markets are certain to change as the pandemic challenges the structure of our daily lives, and more virtual life will require more employment in creating and maintaining the integrity of the virtual world. Coding is going to be an increasingly marketable skill as its need grows, so taking this time to learn some coding skill will be beneficial in the long term.

Counter arguments


[P1] Coding is a valuable and marketable skill. [P2] Coding will be increasingly relevant in the post coronavirus labour market. [P3] Knowing how to code can help boost employability.

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