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What makes star quality?
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Lewis Hamilton's drive makes star quality

Lewis Hamilton is the best racing driver of all time. He holds records for the most all-time career points and most grand slams in a season. Lewis Hamilton’s roots are humble - his hard work and dedication led him to be the greatest of all time.


Since beginning his Formula One career in 2007, Hamilton has accumulated an impressive body of racing successes, ultimately earning him a spot on Formula One's 'Greatest Of All Time.' To understand Hamilton's consistent success and F1 stardom, one must explore his natural talent, dedication, and sportsmanship personality.[1]

The Argument

After beginning his driving career at just 8 years old, Lewis Hamilton consistently succeeded at dominating championships throughout his adolescence, rookie, and professional career. After Hamilton began his Formula One career in 2007, he won his first world title and became the first black driver to win the F1 world drivers’ championship-- thereby cementing his name in car racing history. [2] Fast forward to 2019, Hamilton now has six world titles under his belt, which is only one short of F1’s all-time record of seven world titles, which Germany’s Michael Schumacher currently holds. Hamilton’s consistent drive throughout his entire life to his career, and this race-craft sport, have enabled him to succeed and thereby attain stardom. And, even though Hamilton is not currently in possession of F1’s all-time world title record in the same way Schumacher is, he has still gained widespread popular acclaim for more than just statistical success on the racetrack due to his persistent dedication. There is a positive, global perception of Lewis Hamilton for both his racing skills and great sportsmanship. He is known universally as the fairest man on the track and often revered for having such an honest mindset throughout his racing career. [3] Beyond his fairness, Hamilton also displays fervent dedication to his job rather than simply relying on natural talent. He works hard to maintain peak fitness and progress as a racing driver, even using his family’s past financial struggles as inspiration to persevere and never quit. [4] Such constant motivation, dating all the way back to his childhood, is precisely what has made Hamilton the racetrack star he is today. Hamilton’s consistent application of responsibility and discipline to his career reflects a truly authentic driver whose successes are well-earned. As Hamilton’s growing fanbase remains a testament to his undeniable natural talent and extraordinary drive to advance his racing skills, he understandably meets the quota of F1’s ‘Greatest Of All Time.’ Phenomenal on and off the track-- Hamilton displays a character that has true mental grit and dedication to race-craft. That mental strength and great success should be recognized for what it is: unparalleled talent and skill combined. Clearly, Hamilton's drive has led him to accomplish extraordinary things, proving that drive is a key facet of star quality.

Counter arguments

Hamilton's drive is indeed remarkable, but it is foolish to assume that it solely makes his star quality. Regardless of his drive, if he wasn't a naturally talented person, he would not be a big-name racing driver. Although Hamilton's drive is impressive, his fame is due more to skill than drive. Hamilton's drive alone could not have molded his star quality. Rather, a combination of his charisma and his racing talent make him top-notch star quality. Personality plays an important role in Hamilton's high-profile celebrity that drive alone could not achieve.



[P1] Lewis Hamilton has an undeniable natural talent on the racetrack which contributes to his F1 career success. [P2] To increase his F1 career success, Lewis Hamilton has worked hard to acquire more race-craft skills and mental strength. [P3] This accumulation of skill and strength has improved Hamilton’s performance both on and off the track as his showmanship personality captures a global fanbase. [P4] This global fanbase widely regards Hamilton as F1’s ‘Greatest Of All Time’ for his collective talent, skill, and personality.

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