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Abraham Lincoln is painted as a hero in American history books, but his true position on slavery during the Civil War has been debated by historians. Abraham Lincoln's motives were unclear and questionable.

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Abraham Lincoln never considered himself to be an abolitionist, nor did he have plans to end slavery when beginning his term as president. Lincoln realized it would increase his political power by denouncing slavery and that choosing a side in the impending Civil War was inevitable.
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Abraham Lincoln did not have initial plans to end slavery

When voting into the Presidency in 1861, Abraham Lincoln did not have plans to end slavery. Abraham Lincoln did not want equal rights for Black and white people

The Argument

Abraham Lincoln did not plan on ending slavery when he was elected President and was unsure of how to do so after he was elected. [1] Abraham Lincoln did not want Black people and white people to have the same social and political rights. [1] He felt as if slavery was morally wrong, but did not believe the Constitution offered the federal government the power to end it for all states. [2] Abraham Lincoln's famous Emancipation Proclamation was not a way for Abraham Lincoln to end slavery, it was a way for the Lincoln administration to appease both the Northern abolitionists and the Southern slave holders. [3] Abraham Lincoln did not have initial plans to end slavery and did not end slavery until the very end of his Presidency.

Counter arguments

Abraham Lincoln did have plans to end slavery. The problem for Abraham Lincoln was not his goal of ending slavery, but of how to without inciting more chaos and rebellion during the Civil War. [4]



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