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Should anime be adapted into live-action films?
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Live-action adaptations signify the legitimization of anime

With Hollywood production and top-of-the-line actors participating in these projects, anime is officially breaking into the mainstream culture. It is only a matter of time before they become as familiar and loved by viewers as any other popular genre out there.

The Argument

Anime was once a niche, geeky hobby, especially in the West. But things have changed, and now anime is becoming more and more popular. NBA players, actors, and pop stars alike all own their status as anime fans. And streaming services race to grab the rights to certain popular franchises. But one of the most visible signs of anime's entrance into mainstream culture is the way they've jumped onto the big screen. Hollywood has realized how many anime fans there are, and decided that these fans represent a market they ought to take seriously. So they take on beloved anime and present them in a brand new way to these fans. They use Hollywood-level budgets, Hollywood-level actors, and Hollywood-level production to make movies for anime fans. Hollywood is going all-in on adaptations of anime. This recognition from such a powerful industry indicates just how far anime and its fans have come. Live-action adaptations are part of a larger societal change. Anime is growing, and with it, all anime-related media.

Counter arguments

It's a bit of a backhanded message if Hollywood caters to anime fans by giving them subpar movies. Hollywood throws all this money around, but nothing good really comes out of it. If anything, they end up just disappointing old fans and turning away new fans instead. They don't do a really good job of recognizing the fans and what they want. What's more, this "recognition" by Hollywood isn't some societal acceptance. It's just part of their opportunistic mindset of grabbing money wherever they can. Hollywood knows that they can get money from anime fans, so they toss out a half-baked movie to rake in quick sales. That's all there is to these adaptations.



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