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The new glossy construction in Hamburg resembles a hoisted sail, water wave, iceberg or quartz crystal. It sits on a top of an old warehouse building near the historical Speicherstadt. It was officially inaugurated with concerts on January 11, 2017.

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The Elbe Philharmonic Music Hall is a masterpiece of design with a unique character. Built from glass and stone in an organic, asymmetric design, the building is a triumph of modern architecture.
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It looks like an iceberg or crystal, which are both beautiful

The building reflects the color of the sky. It looks like a gigantic crystal or even an iceberg. Its position in the historic Hamburg seaport makes it a unique monument for the sailors to wish them good luck on the high seas. Ahoy!
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The Argument

Shaped like a tumultuous wave of the sea, encompassed about by a transparent armor of shining glass that reflects any light that falls upon it, stands the Elbe Philharmonic Hall. Its uniqueness is almost like a palpable breath of refreshing air added to the scenery. Perched at 37 meters off the ground, it offers breathtaking views of Hamburg and it is a major tourist attraction. Given all of these factors, it is easy to question why some people think it is ugly. People most often say that it is a bit of an oddity to surrounding scenery or that its odd structure is more of an architectural disgrace than a breakthrough. However, other buildings that are also shaped somewhat oddly are considered to be masterpieces. For example, the Mind House in Barcelona or the Crooked House in Poland are marveled for their unique structure.[1] It is worthy to note that simply because a building does not abide by conventional standards of beauty, does not mean that it is not a masterpiece. This can be aptly applied to the Elbe Philharmonic Hall. Furthermore, in this instance, the unique shape of the building also has functional value. The shape and the features of the hall are arranged for perfect acoustics in which many world-class concerts have been held. Given its functionality and its uniqueness, Elbe Philharmonic Hall has got be one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces ever created.

Counter arguments

The Elbe Philharmonic Hall is unusually shaped, to say the least. Not only is the top shaped like an irregular wave, but there also seem to be gaping spaces in the surface of the walls. Furthermore, the foundation of the building is a red brick, sturdy base. But perched on top of it, is a reflective glass building with odd features. The building seems to be at odds with itself. There is a bit of a modern, skyscraper look but it is entirely different and in no way cohesive with the more traditional building underneath. There is no cohesion in the structure.


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