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Few words in the English language convey such a range of meanings as the word "love". For many, love is the point of existence, for others it's the manifestation of the divine, for some it is a tool of oppression. No other subject has spawned so much poetry. But what is love? Is it an animalistic urge, a mystical aspiration, a social construct, a neurological glitch, or nothing at all?

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Many different cultures have specific ways of defining and experiencing love.
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Love is in silence

In some Native American cultures, an indicator of authentic love is the ability to sit in silence.

The Argument

According to folklore, in some Native American cultures couples who were to be married would spend time together in silence, to see if they were truly comfortable together.[1] Words are used as a barrier to keep two souls from truly knowing each other; instead, authentic love can be found in the spaces between these words, in the comfort that comes from vulnerability and silence. This speaks to a wider cultural landscape of the importance of silence to many Native American cultures, in which silence is treated as a path to wisdom, a tool of reflection, and a way to learn.[2]

Counter arguments



[P1] Silence is the true indicator of wisdom. [P2] To comfortably sit with another in silence is a true test of your connection. [P3] True love can be found in silence.

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