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Few words in the English language convey such a range of meanings as the word "love". For many, love is the point of existence, for others it's the manifestation of the divine, for some it is a tool of oppression. No other subject has spawned so much poetry. But what is love? Is it an animalistic urge, a mystical aspiration, a social construct, a neurological glitch, or nothing at all?

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Love is the sensation, feeling and emotions you feel when you find the right person.
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Love is an unmistakable feeling

Love is a raw feeling distinguishable from other feelings.


Love is an unmistakable feeling. It is not an emotion because emotions like anger, happiness and sadness have clear causes. Love does not necessarily have a causal link to any specific stimuli. And it does not increase or decrease depending on the environment you are in. Therefore, it falls into the realm of feeling rather than emotion.[1]

The Argument

Love is a raw sensation you experience when you meet the right person. It is not simply physical attraction, but a result of physical attraction, emotional connection, deep respect and admiration. It emerges without warning when you meet someone you fall in love with, and it recedes just as spontaneously when these feelings dissipate. [2]

Counter arguments

Reducing love to a sensation that comes and goes means we are passive in the experience. Love is not simply something that happens to us. Love can be something we devote time and energy to. We can choose to fall and stay in love, and we take steps to ensure that happens. We are not passive in the experience but incredibly active.



[P1] Love has a distinct feeling that is distinguishable from other feelings. [P2] Therefore, love is a feeling.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Feelings are something we have no control over. We have control over love. Therefore, love is not a feeling.




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