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In 2018, 25% of Americans who voted, voted by mail. In 2020, these numbers are projected to be even higher with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging in the US. But the use of mail ballots in the November 2020 presidential election has become a point of contestation. President Trump has argued on Twitter that mail in ballots should not be used in the presidential election. Others claim mail-in voting is secure and increases turn-out and fear Trump's position is part of a longer game to discredit the election results.

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Current President Donald Trump and his followers have openly advocated for the banning of mail in ballots in the 2020 elections for a variety of (unsubstantiated) reasons.
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Mail-in voting increases voter fraud

COVID-19, along with mass unemployment will see many millions electing to vote from home. The sheer number of blank ballots in circulation (sent to wrong addresses or inactive voters) will inevitably lead to an increase in fraud.
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The Argument

2020 is a unique election year. Whereas in the past, a minority of US citizens voted by mail, this year given the massive unemployment rate, tanked economy, and raging deadly pandemic, many more people will opt for mail in voting. About half of US states’ electoral infrastructure is not set up for the unprecedented scale of mail in ballots which are expected in the 2020 presidential election. Due to this year’s enormous scale, critics of mail in voting worry about the number of blank ballots in circulation (a result of them being sent to wrong addresses or inactive voters).

Counter arguments

Claims that mail-in voting has led to increased voter fraud lacks evidence according to many reputable sources.


Rejecting the premises


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