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Birth control has many positive impacts, including pregnancy prevention, protection from STDs, and allowing regulation of the menstrual cycle. However, these products can cost large amounts of money, the onus of payment for which is generally on women. Should these products be free, or should they cost money?

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Access to birth control is not as simple as making it free.
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Making birth control free would be too costly

Both for taxpayers and users, the cost would be too much.

The Argument

Let's explore the idea that birth control becomes free under all forms of insurance. This is all fine and dandy, but who is paying for the cost of this? Who is covering the price that once was paid by many? The answer is those who do not have access to insurance that would cover birth control. By making birth control free under all insurances, the cost for those who don't have it would increase tenfold.[1] It may be good for many, but we are sacrificing the few. It's not ethical. There is also a chance that taxpayers would have to pay more in order to cover for this increase in cost. Many people would not be satisfied with that. Not only that, but taxpayers would be paying for EVERYONE to get free birth control, including access for the top 1%, who can afford the cost. That doesn't make sense.

Counter arguments

This is a battle between the economic and the moral. We need to make birth control free for everybody, not just those covered by insurance. That way, no one is left out and the moral dilemma is not an issue. Birth control should be a right, not something that can be dismissed by those who don't want to pay a little more.



[P1] Birth control free under insurance would be more costly to many. [P2] Only increasing the cost for some would not be moral.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Birth control could be made free for everyone, without it being contingent on insurance.


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