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Do ghosts exist? A surprising number of people believe in ghosts, or have reported experiencing paranormal phenomenon. The depiction of ghosts and spirits date back to ancient times, and are seen in almost all cultures around the world. But with new technology and advancements in science, there are a number of logical explanations for ghostly encounters. What do you think? Are people really able to make contact with the dead? Or is it all psychological phenomenon?

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A majority of the population believes in the afterlife, and that encountering a ghost is possible. Non-believers have even changed their stance after experiencing unexplained paranormal phenomenon. Believing in ghosts is not illogical, and just because you can’t explain something doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
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Many people claim to have seen ghosts

A surprising amount of people claim to have seen a ghost, or have experienced paranormal activity at some point in their life. The experiences are all very similar; sensing a "presence", hearing footsteps, doors closing, feeling a cold sensation, etc. If so many people claim to have witnessed these characteristics, then ghost encounters may actually be a common occurrence.
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