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The idea of marriage scares many people and it is seemingly becoming less and less ideal for younger generations. Nevertheless, marriages are still occurring. Marriage allows partners to identify their commitment on a higher level, as well as gaining benefits such as financial stability. However, government involvement in marriages can cause people to shy away from the institution. Others feel that marriage is not an appropriate act for demonstrating commitment.

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Marriage is voluntary union of a couple to express the commitment to one another.
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Marriage further shows your commitment to your partner

A certificate offers a new level of promise to one another.
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The Argument

Marriage is voluntary and offers a new level of commitment to your partner. The ceremony is a time to declare your love for your partner in front of friends and family, along with religious traditions depending on the couple's beliefs. Rings allow people to symbolize their commitment to the world, indicating that they are no longer available. Rather than just declaring love verbally, marriage allows for the next step of monogamy on a lawful level. Marriage symbolizes unity and love. It is up to the couple to decide whether or not marriage is something they want to commit to. Marriage is not only to legally prove love, but also to make promises. A simple relationship may not indicate the amount of love and commitment a particular couple possesses. While the tradition began a very long time ago, the institution of marriage has changed with the times and is still alive today.

Counter arguments

There are plenty of ways to show commitment besides getting married. For example, living together. Deciding to move into a place with one another offers a new level of commitment for a couple. This incorporates new responsibilities such as financial duties, contributing to household chores, and being with one another constantly. There are plenty of times where a married individual will step out of their marriage and commit adultery. It is much easier to step out of a living situation than it is to file for a divorce. While marriage is the ultimate act of monogamy, it is not always the most sensible choice for some. Living with one another is an added layer of the relationship which tests the strength of the partners.


[P1] Marriage is the ultimate commitment between partners. [P2] This, as a concept, will never be outdated.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] There are other opportunities to show commitment to a partner besides marriage.



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