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Heterosexual infidelity is increasingly common. Statistics vary, but most estimate that 20% of married men have secret extramarital sexual relationships at one point or another. Why? This illicit betrayal can ruin lives and tear families apart. So, what drives men to cheat on women?

Men cheat because they are trapped in unhappy relationships Show more Show less

Men cheat because they are unsatisfied with their current partner.
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Men are unwilling to sacrifice

Relationship experts claim relationship satisfaction depends on how much a person is willing to sacrifice. And men don't like sacrificing their needs.
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Humans are naturally wired to seek self-gratification. If this urge surpasses the desire to create a meaningful romantic partnership, the likelihood of infidelity increases.

The Argument

Relationship fulfilment depends on the balance between the desire for self-gratification and willingness to sacrifice desire for mutual benefit. Studies show that men are less inclined or willing to sacrifice their immediate satisfaction for long term fulfilment. In real terms, this means that when presented with the opportunity to cheat, men are more inclined to put their own needs first. Women in the same situation, are more likely to weigh up the costs and benefits before committing infidelity. This reasoning might explain why men are statistically more likely to cheat.

Counter arguments

The self-gratification/self-sacrifice dichotomy is false. There are innumerable other factors that go into shaping relationships and their overall health.


Rejecting the premises



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