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The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is an iconic example of dystopian fiction. Having sold over 65 million copies, the trilogy is undeniably popular among young adult readers. So, which installment of the series is the best?

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The final book in the Hunger Games series is set apart from the first and second novels. It delves into the revolution that has been building up since the first book. The novel showcases immense character development as Katniss becomes the face of the revolution.
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Mockingjay is the climax of the entire series.

While The Hunger Games and Catching Fire set the beginning stages of an uprising, all of the tension and battles unfold in Mockingjay. The other two books are merely set ups in comparison to Mockingjay.
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The Argument

Mockingjay is the best book in the series because it sets itself apart from the other two books. While the first two books deal with the annual Hunger Games, Mockingjay dives into the brutal consequences of the uprising that has been building since the first book. The setting of the story goes far beyond the games and districts into the Capitol. This makes it far more captivating than the first two books that provide a setup for the world and characters. Readers finally learn the fate of all the characters in Mockingjay. Mockingjay is also the best book of the series since it shows the climax of Katniss as a character and leader. In the first and second books, she is more of a pawn than anything else. [1]Although she becomes a symbol of rebellion, she is not active in the execution of the uprising until the third book. In The Hunger Games, it is not her intention to be a leader or symbol. In Catching Fire, she shows some leadership qualities but is continually pushed aside as a pawn. It is not until Mockingjay that Katniss becomes a spearhead of the revolution. This extraordinary character growth makes Mockingjay stand out as the best book in The Hunger Games series.

Counter arguments

The final book is extremely slow in comparison to the other two books. The plot is confusing, and readers have to slog through a lot get to final outcome of Katniss and the other characters. While the other books have clear goals set, Mockingjay is a maze of too many conflicts. A confusing plot paired with slow pacing until at least the last half of the book leaves readers disappointed by the conclusion of the series.



[P1] Mockingjay is the climax of The Hunger Games series. [P2] Katniss shows the most character growth in this novel. [P3] The best book in a series is always the one with the climax of a narrative and character growth. [P4] Mockingjay is the best book in The Hunger Games series.

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