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Governments are the backbone of a country. They are responsible for their citizens’ benefits and a healthy economy. Not all governments in the world are the same. There are democracies, republics, authoritarian societies, and many more types of governmental systems. With so many different types of government, which one has the most benefits?

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Absolute monarchies are one of the oldest government systems in the world. They focus on one leader with a unified civilian population.
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A monarchy encourages nationalism

Monarchies have more nationalism in their countries. If everyone’s united, there’s peace.
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The Argument

Monarchies have more nationalism than other countries. Nationalism inspires teamwork to bring success to the country.[1] There isn’t any division which can lead to disagreements and fighting.

Counter arguments

Although a monarchy will be united politically, it does not account for contending opinions. There will always be different opinions that disrupt unity.[2] Believing one opinion is better than another is a reflection of someone’s pride.[3] Nationalism is truly just a generalization of one concept that everyone agrees on, rather than an authentic consensus.



[P1] Monarchies have outstanding nationalism. [P2] Nationalism leads to peace within the country.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Nationalism doesn’t account for individual opinions. Contending opinions ruins the peace between people.



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