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NASA sent six successful Apollo missions to the Moon. Twelve astronauts in total landed on the Moon's surface. Critics suggest that all missions were faked and no one has landed on the Moon. They say that related photos and videos were actually taken in a studio.

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Critics can be dismissed, there are several evidence that proves NASA statement.
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There is no possible way that the moon expeditions could have been faked

If you study the circumstances surrounding the moon landing, there is plausible evidence that it happened. Being a historical event, it was recorded and tested by scientists and historians.
Space Exploration
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As in most discussions, one can consider the opposite thesis (fake) on the basis of simple reasoning

The Argument

A lot of people were involved in the space missions, so there is a lot of evidence from them that they actually happened. Several missions made up the Apollo missions, (including the ones that did not reach the moon). If the plan was to beat former Soviet Union and for the US to be the first to send a man on the moon then why take the trouble of sending five missions after the first successful one. Also why would the Soviet Union acknowledge Apollo's success if they thought the US cheated. They would have denounced it if they did not believe it.

Counter arguments

Only a limited number of people involved in the program knew it was a fake. The majority of the people involved believe in the mission in good faith.


Rejecting the premises


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