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In recent years, music streaming platforms have become the most common way of listening to music. Gone are the days of records, tapes, CDs, or even shady downloaded mp3s from Limewire. Now, music streaming platforms are worth billions of dollars. But which one deserves your monthly subscription fee?

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Amount of music

With over a billion videos on YouTube it follows that YouTube contains content that does not exist anywhere else.
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YouTube Music is not only on par with rivals Apple Music and Spotify when it comes to music catalog, but there is also the added bonus of millions of YouTube videos that subscribers can download and watch anytime they want[1] - free of ads. The app has a "Hotlist" section that displays the current most popular YouTube videos[2]. If you have previously used YouTube, YouTube Music also utilizes your previous viewing and listening history to create personalized radio stations[3]. YouTube Music adds a visual aspect to music streaming that other services either do not offer, or offer in a very limited capacity. Users have the ability to view music and lyric videos that go with songs; there is, of course, an audio-only option as well. In addition to being able to listen to all of the most popular songs, YouTube Music users also have the ability to download unofficial music that would not be available on other paid streaming services[3]. The sheer amount of songs available, along with the added bonus of being able to watch lyric and music videos, are what make YouTube Music the superior streaming service - especially for users who had already been frequenting YouTube's free site prior to subscribing.

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