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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for the environment? Show more Show less
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With climate change posing an existential threat to the world, the 2020 United States Presidential candidates are in a unique position to make or break the future of this planet with their climate policy. Each candidate takes a starkly different stance on the environment and its intersection with the economy, trade, and scientific fact.

Neither candidate will do enough for the environment Show more Show less

Neither candidate does enough to treat the climate crisis as the emergency that it is.
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Neither candidate has a 100% green transportation policy plan.

To support the environment, candidates must disinvest from the auto industry and invest in public transport.
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Biden's transportation plan spends a bulk of the money on improving existing roads and infrastructure and providing subsidies for electric vehicles, which will encourage people in the future to depend on their cars. [1] Donald Trump does not seem to care about public transit. [2]

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