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Net neutrality is the idea that internet providers must not treat websites differently. All websites, irrespective of their content, equipment, or location must be treated with the same priority and speed. For net neutrality’s proponents, it is essential for preserving the internet’s commitment to information sharing and the establishment of a level playing field for all participants, but what are the pros and cons of net neutrality?

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Net neutrality regulation hinders innovation and development in our internet products, preventing the emergence of more effective practices and more practical business models.
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Net neutrality makes immoral content easily accessible

Net neutrality takes the job of blocking immoral and explicit content out of the hands of internet providers, thereby making it more accessible.
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Without interference from internet providers or government, people can easily access pornography and other immoral content.

The Argument

If internet service providers are prevented from blocking or limiting certain content, it becomes difficult to restrict access to pornography and other harmful material. Families with children can limit access through devices, but unless parents have a strong understanding of how their children access the internet and how to limit it, they will be unable to prevent their children accessing porn online.[1] If net neutrality were repealed, it would be possible to implement network-wide solutions, as the UK has done.

Counter arguments


Generally, the fewer mechanisms in place to restrict access to something, the more accessible it is. Net neutrality would allow internet providers to play a role in blocking immoral and explicit content.


[P1] Net neutrality laws prevent internet service providers from blocking content. [P2] Therefore, they cannot block access to porn and other immoral content online. [P3] Therefore, immoral content is more widely accessible under net neutrality laws.

Rejecting the premises



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