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Critical thinking, reason and logic are the crucible upon which we hope to forge fact and truth. But some areas of thought, such as philosophy, are more open to debate and personal viewpoints. Other areas of thought may be perverted by the idea that opinion as as good as fact... where should the line be drawn?

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Individual thought is what makes the world go round.
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Individual opinions create a diversity of perspectives.

Individual differences are what make the world unique. By learning about how other people view the world, we can embrace different ideas and view the world comprehensively. Individual opinions are valuable because they contribute to the diversity of information in society, which we should celebrate.

The Argument

Everyone has different opinions. Opinions provide a different way of looking at the world through someone else’s eyes.[1] Without different opinions, there would be no way to understand and accept differences in others.

Counter arguments

The world needs less differences. Differences divide people. For example, racism is an ideology or opinion that some races are superior to others.[2] Opinions create stereotypes that shouldn’t be put on people. That’s why different opinions shouldn’t exist.



[P1] There are different opinions in the world. [P2] Opinions help people accept each other’s differences.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Differences can hurt people.


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