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On November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Decades later, his death is still considered one of the biggest mysteries of American history. Despite the Warren Commission concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK, there is still a conspiracy surrounding whether or not he was the actual assassin, and if he was working alone. Who actually assassinated John F. Kennedy, and were they working for a larger organization?

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Most people believe that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy.
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Oswald's interest in communism

Oswald's political beliefs led him to defect to the Soviet Union.
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The Argument

Lee Harvey Oswald was known for feeling angry and isolated. He found comfort in the ideas of communism and Marxism. In 1959, Oswald attempted to defect to Moscow, USSR, but was rejected and sent to live in Minsk. Luckily for him, this is where he met his wife, Marina.[1] In 1962 he moved back to the United States after becoming too paranoid that the KGB was monitoring him. But Oswald never lost his belief in communism. This ultimately encouraged him to assassinate politicians who didn't align with his ideals, such as General Walker and JFK.[2]

Counter arguments


[P1] Lee Harvey Oswald felt angry and isolated. [P2] Lee Harvey Oswald agreed with communist values and beliefs. [P3] Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to assassinate people who disagreed with his political beliefs. [P4] Therefore, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK.

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