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Multicultural literature includes literature about people who are underrepresented in mainstream society and have been marginalized in some way, including Asian-American, African-American, and Chicano-American literature. For the most part, high school curriculum for English courses revolve around teaching the classics, but should more diverse literature be taught in high schools?

Yes, multicultural literature should be taught in schools Show more Show less

Students can gain affirmation about themselves and their culture.
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Overall academic prosperity

Introducing multicultural literature will give students a broader knowledge base and academics will improve.
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The Argument

Research has found that overall academic achievement improves when students have a stronger literacy and reading background.[1] By reading a culturally diverse collection of literature, not only will students be conscious of ethnic history and subjects, but their academic and critical thinking skills will strengthen altogether. In terms of academics, multicultural literature will introduce students to current cultural and political issues that can be seen in all subjects. When students experience the feelings and emotions of others through literature, they are encouraged to look critically at the world and gain a greater understanding of the global community.[2]

Counter arguments

The reading material doesn’t necessarily have to incorporate diverse people or settings. An overall stronger reading background will improve a student’s academics, regardless if it's multicultural or not.[3]


[P1] Students will prosper with a wider range of diverse and cultural literature. [P2] Therefore, their overall academic performance will improve.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Literature does not need to be diverse for students to improve academically.


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