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Public, private, homeschooled, or charter - there are many different ways to provide education to children. Homeschooling is a very popular method, with varying ways of teaching within itself. Students can be taught by online teachers, parents, or even partially attend a class. Should all children be educated with some sort of homeschool method?

No, children should not be homeschooled - they should go to public school Show more Show less

Public schools socialize children while allowing them to be taught by people who are experts in their field.
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Parents must adapt to two roles

Being both a parent and a teacher is just too much for many adults.
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The Argument

Being a parent is a difficult job in itself. When the role of teacher is added, some adults may find themselves vastly overwhelmed and unprepared for the tasks that lay ahead. Anxiety disorder is common among women and men, affecting 22-33% of the overall population.[1] Taking on so many jobs would be likely to trigger anxiety, and perhaps bring it to the surface if it has been unexplored. Everyone needs their alone time, and the ability to send your child away to get educated and have them return to you in the evening is something that should be taken advantage of. It's important to the relationship between the parent and the child.

Counter arguments

Not every parent has a job, and not every parent may find balancing teaching and working overwhelming. It all depends on the parent. Those with full-time jobs may not want to try homeschooling, while stay-at-home parents may find the task of educating their own children rewarding and fulfilling.


[P1] Jobs can be overwhelming. [P2] Homeschooling is another job for parents. [P3] Homeschooling children rather than sending them away for school can overwhelm parents.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] While this may be true for some parents, it is not universally true.




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