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A homeless individual lacks a permanent and safe nighttime residence. Approximately 150 million people worldwide suffer from homelessness. Although a wide variety of potential solutions exist, experts disagree about the correct response to this widespread problem.

We shouldn't do anything to help people who are homeless. Show more Show less

Although homelessness is heartbreaking, it is an unavoidable part of life.
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People are homeless by choice

Homeless people do not want to change their circumstances.
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The Argument

With the help of social services like government housing and food stamps, the homeless have ample opportunity to leave the streets. Despite these resources, many individuals continue to embrace this lifestyle, making it fair to assume that homelessness is a personal choice. It is pointless to try to help people who willfully reject a traditional lifestyle. For this reason, helping the homeless is a waste of precious personal and government resources.

Counter arguments

If a person chooses to remain homeless, the choice itself is indicative of serious emotional, mental, and relational problems. We should not interpret a person's embrace of a homeless lifestyle as an expression of their freedom, but as a cry for help with deeper issues.


[P1] If a person is homeless despite the option of government resources, they have chosen to embrace this lifestyle.

Rejecting the premises


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