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In recent years, music streaming platforms have become the most common way of listening to music. Gone are the days of records, tapes, CDs, or even shady downloaded mp3s from Limewire. Now, music streaming platforms are worth billions of dollars. But which one deserves your monthly subscription fee?

Soundcloud is the best streaming service Show more Show less

Popular with independent artists and with a steady increase in monthly users, Soundcloud offers a simple, user-friendly app to upload and share music, podcasts, and other audio files. There are options to embed the audio files for ease of sharing on social media, making Soundcloud is an amazing way of gaining exposure and sharing music.
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Soundcloud's unique platform design makes it the best music streaming service

SoundCloud's platform is beautifully designed, with an attractive orange color, and is very intuitive. It displays trending tracks and allows the user to browse while still listening to music.
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The Argument

SoundCloud's design is comfortable to its users as it displays the trending tracks and easy access to one's library. Soundcloud's signature orange color is inviting and evokes excitement and warmth.[1] The platform also shows the activity of the people/artists the user follows and allows the user to browse while still listening to music.

Counter arguments

The display is mirrored with twitter and lacks a friendly interface, as it is an overload of reposts to increase engagement, rather than reposting to share. SoundCloud forces its users to repost others' work even though they might not like it. The creator tools are lacking in both the desktop and the app version.[2]


Rejecting the premises



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