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Whether binary or a spectrum, innate or a construct, or soon to be irrelevant, gender is one of the most divisive questions on the world's lips. Are there more than two genders? What are the sides to the gender debate?

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Gender and gender roles in all capacities are a narrow perspective of the human experience that prevents people from reaching their full potential in life.
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Society will ultimately progress to a point where gender is rendered moot and this will come about through the erosion of gender roles.
Discriminatory Offensive

The Argument

The nature of gender roles and expectations bars individuals from attaining their full potential, as does confining a spectrum for them to the plane of masculine and feminine archetypes. Such a narrow spectrum of gender results in a culture plagued by sexism, homophobia, and body dysmorphia. The future of our society should have a complete removal social stratification on the basis of genitals and gender roles as well as cogno-physical differences between biological sexes. It will achieve this through developments in neurotechnology, biomechanics, and assistive extra-uterine fetal development. The constrains of gender structures are a detriment to all people.

Counter arguments

Gender roles are not absolute and have never posed any real social issue until recently. The postgenderist argument is predicated on the existence of technologies and medical breakthroughs known only to science fiction. When misgendering someone can result in lawsuits and the end of careers, it becomes easier to simply have no genders. Ayn Rand’s Anthem characterizes a world without gender and without singular pronouns. Such a pursuit of complete individuality ultimately results in its death.



[P1] Any gender roles at all are inherently restrictive. [P2] We should completely remove gender as a form of social stratification.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Gender roles do not inherently cause social problems.


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