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Is India a global superpower?
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Poverty prevents India from being a global superpower

India has one of the highest poverty levels in the world.

The Argument

Despite the growing economy, social inequality in India makes it difficult for citizens to leave poverty, while the rich are able to keep their wealth. Their issues with poverty are related to the lack of educational opportunities and overpopulation.[1] Nearly two-thirds of India's population survives on less than the world's median poverty line. Since their focus is on improving their position of power in the world, less funding and focus goes toward helping impoverished citizens. While their position in the global economy rises, the gap between wealthy and poor widens and almost completely eliminates India's middle class. Even though India is rising economically and technologically, a majority of citizens still live in poverty so they cannot be considered a global superpower.[2]

Counter arguments

Every year, India is able to lower the population of its impoverished citizens. Over the span of ten years, poverty levels dropped by over 270 million people throughout the country. Government programs have improved the lives of people living in rural areas by providing electricity and clean water. India still has a large population living in poverty, but they are decreasing their numbers every year.[3]



[P1] Most of India's population lives in poverty. [P2] India's high economic status has led to a wide gap between the wealthy and the poor. [P3] Therefore, India cannot be considered a global superpower.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] India's poverty levels are decreasing.


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