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Should Mail-In ballots be banned in the 2020 US Elections? Show more Show less
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In 2018, 25% of Americans who voted, voted by mail. In 2020, these numbers are projected to be even higher with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging in the US. But the use of mail ballots in the November 2020 presidential election has become a point of contestation. President Trump has argued on Twitter that mail in ballots should not be used in the presidential election. Others claim mail-in voting is secure and increases turn-out and fear Trump's position is part of a longer game to discredit the election results.

No, mail-in ballots should not be banned in the 2020 US Presidential elections. Show more Show less

Proponents of mail in ballots often cite voter safety and increased turnout. They claim voting-by-mail is necessary to give everyone a voice during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Absentee ballots are needed because the traditional voting system is broken

Absentee ballots help mitigate the underfunded and messy US electoral system which otherwise leads to mass disenfranchisement - voting in person can disenfranchise the disabled, those unable to take time off work or childcare.
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Proponents say absentee ballots help mitigate the underfunded and messy US electoral system which otherwise leads to mass disenfranchisement. Anecdotes about waiting outside in the heat or in the rain for hours in order to cast a vote in a US election are not uncommon. There are large demographics of people who simply cannot physically cope with this, or cannot because they cannot take time off work or childcare. This is combined with what proponents claim are ‘deliberate attempts to make voting harder’ such as understaffed polling stations, unnecessary and difficult rules about voter identification and voter rolls purges. All these issues disenfranchise large swathes of people, directly violating their rights to vote. Vote-by-mail is a way to give these people the voice they are entitled to.

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