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Conscription, also known as compulsory military service, is the practice of requiring military service of all qualifying individuals within a nation. Chiefly known for having been employed during the First and Second World Wars, the duration of modern-day conscription can range anywhere from two weeks to two years. But does conscription foster hyper-nationalism and unhealthy aggression? Is the government sending the message that war is inevitable? Or is conscription simply a means of building character and strength?

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Military conscription is unnecessary in the modern world and sees more detriments than benefits.
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The quality of military service is heavily compromised

The conscription model focuses on quantity rather than quality, undermining the efforts of experienced, self-selecting soldiers
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The Argument

In creating a modern military draft, a country's fighting force could potentially become saturated with those who offer both a lack of experience as well as conviction, resulting in an increase in the number of disciplinary actions as well as a decrease in the quality of service.[1] This is juxtaposed to those who typically volunteer to join the military. Such individuals are found to have higher test scores on military entrance exams, and more experience regarding positive military outcomes. As a result, these individuals are generally more productive than other service members.[2]

Counter arguments

The quality of military service would be far from compromised, especially as all incoming men and women would be subjected to the same training as those who volunteer; this sentiment is all the more true when considering that both volunteers and those serving under a mandatory draft enter with the same baseline knowledge. Moreover, the military would be strengthened through the sheer amount of men and women available to participate in war and defense strategies. This, in turn, would also ensure that all of a country and its citizens would be protected from direct threats. Additionally, a mandatory draft would even promote peace and stability. First, more individuals allow a stronger national defense. Second, issues regarding war and peace move from the periphery of national discourse to the center as more people are involved. And the only way to do such a thing is through the draft. [3]


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