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Is romantic love real? Show more Show less

Romantic love is described as the feeling you get when you find someone whom you care for and you can't imagine a life without them. How is this different from any other kind of love? Why is it seen as the highest form of love for so many people?

Romantic love is not real. Show more Show less

There is no difference between a romantic partner and a friend for many people, so romantic love is not it's own entity rather than another form of platonic love.
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Relationships and love lasts without romance.

Most people lose the will to conjure up romantic gestures early on in a relationship without ever making an effort to regain said will.
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Many relationships undoubtedly begin with romantic gestures. However, gestures don't equate to love. Once the romance dies down and the members of the relationship have settled into a groove, the romance usually fades away. Love still thrives after the romance is gone making them two mutually exclusive things.

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