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The consumption of dog meat is legal in most countries and is notably part of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Swiss, and Nigerian cuisine. However, dog meat is heavily tabooed in Europe and the Americas. In recent years, animal activist groups have fought for the practice to be banned on moral grounds.

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Since being domesticated, dogs have been integral parts of human life. They are our companions and deserve care and compassion. The production of dog meat is often unethical, and eating it can be unsafe for humans. Given the origin of COVID-19, there is a need for better hygiene standards in food manufacturing now more than ever.
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The harvesting of dog meat results in abuse

The reports of abuse towards dogs in eastern countries mostly revolve around kidnappings of pets for their consumption along with their maltreatment before slaughter.


Dogs aren't treated properly or humanely when they're meant for slaughtering and consumption.

The Argument

The raising and slaughtering of dogs, like any animal used for food, is not always humane. Some respect them and raise them humanely, while others mistreat the animals before slaughter. Some of the countries that eat dog meat suffer from high rates of poverty. The communities don't always have the means or the money to raise animals for slaughter in humane and safe ways. There has been a long history of pet kidnappings for acquiring animals for the dog meat market.[1] Many of the reasons for such abuse is due to money. It’s expensive to raise animals, especially omnivorous pack dynamic animals like dogs. Cutting corners usually involves what animals are fed and where they’re allowed to live, not from where they’re procured.[2] With the consumption of dog meat already a morally dubious act, the dogs' inevitable suffering before death gives the practice a dark outlook.

Counter arguments

Not all communities and cultures that consume dog meat treat them inhumanely, and the practice is evolving. Places like China and Vietnam have been revising their laws on animal abuse so they can be raised and treated humanely. [3] To lump together entire cultures with the sole few who break the rules does not look at the bigger picture. Things are changing, and for the better. While it’s taking time to adjust to these changes fully, they have been well received by a majority of the populace. It’s not cruel to raise dogs for eating; it’s cruel to raise them in inhumane ways and slaughter them just the same.



[P1] The raising and slaughtering and dogs for their meat is immoral due to the cruel ways they are being brought up and killed.

Rejecting the premises


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